Central government supports HK’s ban of pro-independence political group

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/2/26 19:58:40

China's central government on Tuesday said it sides with the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government's decision to impose a ban on the pro-independence Hong Kong National Party.

According to a statement on the official Chinese government website on Tuesday, the central government has sent an official letter to the executive officials of the HKSAR, asking them to submit a report over its ban of the Hong Kong National Party.

The political group was banned by the HKSAR government on September 24, 2018, under an order made by the government's Security Bureau Director, the statement said.

Executive officials with the HKSAR government together with the government's Executive Council officially upheld the ban ensuring the Security Bureau Director's order went into effect on February 19.

The  central government supports the HKSAR government's decision to impose a ban on operations by the political group in accordance with the law, it said.

China's Constitution and HKSAR Basic Law  stipulate that the HKSAR should implement its constitutional responsibility to protect the country's national security by law, read the statement.

The HKSAR is an inseparable part of China, enjoying a high degree of autonomy. Safeguarding national sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity is the responsibility of the HKSAR government and the common obligation of all Chinese people, including the Hong Kong compatriots, it added.

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